A Different Way to Experience Mexico

When you think of Mexico, you think of beaches and sand. Why not? This is what Mexico is famous for. However, hitting the beach is something you can always do in other parts of the world. But travelling to tourists spots only unique to Mexico is a different way of appreciating the beauty of Mexico.

The Dichotomy of a Mexico Travel Experience

If you cross out beach as your only travel option, you still have plenty to do in Mexico. In substitution of the beach scene, why not book a travel tour in one of the world's most preserved ruins?  Or see for yourself the most amazing churches ever built by man.

However, before travelling to Mexico, be sure that you already booked your flight and accommodation details. Travel agencies offer a complete booking service from flight details to your accommodations. It's highly advisable that before you travel to new places, you already have a specific place to go to. Avoid planning them on the day of your arrival; chances are, you'll spend more.

Alternative Activities in Mexico

If you get tired of the beach scene after a few days, why not try visiting these magnificent places in Mexico? Not only will you be amazed of how this country has evolved, but you'll personally experience the reasons why Mexico is a prime tourist spot.

Visit the Ancient Cities

Chichen Itza

If you are a fan of the mystics and ancient civilization or even if you're not, still a visit to these ancient cities will never fail to amaze you. Your first stop should be the well-preserved ruins of Chichen Itza, known as the largest of the Maya Cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. Climbing the steps of these ancient cities will be a classic picture to capture, one that you will boast even to your grandkids.

Another well-preserved ruin that you should not miss is Palenque. Climbing the steps of this ruin is being closer to the heavens. Photographers will have a feast in capturing the still images of this magnificent architecture, especially since it stoically structured under the backdrop of a luscious forest.

The last well-preserved ancient city you should not miss is the Teotihuacan pyramid. Known as the Pyramid of the Sun, this ancient structure was built around 100 AD; this is also considered as one of Mexico's most visited tourist spot.

Experiencing Mexico's Unique Culture

Mexican Coast

The best way to feel and savour Mexico's culture is for you to take an interest on Mexico's one-of-a-kind festivals. One festival that is participated by most tourists is the Dia de Los Muertos Festival.  This festival is popularly known as the Day of the Dead. Visit Mexico around November and you'll have the opportunity to experience this yourself.

One of Mexico's biggest festivals is Carnaval in Veracruz and Mazatlan. This festivity is made colourful by parades, dance performance, live music and big-time partying. This 9-day event will give you enough occasion to learn more about the culture of the Mexicans.

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