Our Favorite Charity Motorcycle Rides

Here at Travel Now, we love motivating you to get out there and see the world, but there's one thing we like even a little more than traveling, and that's raising money for charity.

Luckily, there are some great ways to combine the two, with one of the most popular being one of the many charity motorcycle rides that take place across the globe each and every year. Yep, you get to bust out your new set of motocross boots while making a difference.

Here are a few of our favorites that we think you should travel now to.

Transamerica Trail

Established in 1976, this is thought of the greatest and most used cycle route that crosses America. The ride offers everything you would expect from a motorcycle ride that spans a whole continent. Yep, riders' dirt bike jackets end up with dust on them from the dramatic coastline, lush forests, stark deserts, challenging mountain passes, farmlands, rivers – the whole she-bang. You’ll get to sample small-town America at its very best, meet some wonderful people and return home with a motorcycle ride under your belt that you can boast about forevermore!

Euro City Moto Challenge

Over four days this challenge takes in 300 miles, three countries and travels through three capital cities. If you can say that without getting your tongue in a twist then you are half-way there – well, not quite! This ride caters to all cycling abilities and affords you the opportunity to travel through the UK, the plains of Holland and the sleepy countryside of Belgium.

Land’s End to John O’Groats, United Kingdom

Don those padded motorcycle pants, adorn your head with the most streamlined of helmets and embark on this charity motorcycle ride starting at Land’s End on the south-westerly tip of England.

Over the course of 12 days you will cover close to 1,000 miles and motor your way through Cornwall, across the misty delights of Dartmoor National Park, travel north along the picturesque Welsh border before traversing the hills of the Lake District. Next stop Scotland, where you will be soothed by the loch’s of the Highlands. Covering between 300 and 400 miles a day - there is no skirting over the fact that this will be hard - you will get to see the best that England and Scotland have to offer.

London to Brighton, United Kingdom

Last but certainly not least, this 54-mile long journey begins in the high-rise lined streets of the English capital and sees you end up, exhausted yet jubilant, by the glorious waters of the Channel in one of the UK’s most-loved seaside towns. Although 54 miles may sound a long way – the cheering crowds, rider camaraderie, and sights of the city will keep your mind well and truly off the miles you are covering. Before you know it, you’ll be distracted by the glorious countryside, followed by the lure of a refreshing and well-earned dip in the sea at the end. You can do it!

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