Why You Should Travel Now to Las Vegas

The first time the Travel Now team visited Las Vegas, Nevada was during the summer of 2010. Yes, the heat was excruciating and some of the tourist attractions were a bit on the corny side of things, but overall we were hooked on Sin City. 

We have returned many times since, and the following are seven (what other number could we use on a post about Las Vegas?) reasons why think you should travel now to Las Vegas. 

The Excitement at the Airport

There is simply a feeling in the air in Vegas that cannot be duplicated. You could win a million dollars or you could lose your shirt. Anything truly is possible here. 

You can especially feel it at the airport as soon as you touch down because people bound off their planes with a sense of excitement you just don't see in other cities. It is especially evident at the luggage carousels as while the advertisements play overhead for the attractions in the city people hurriedly arrange their taxiPeople are literally chomping at the bit to get out of the airport and into the city and everyone feels like they will be a winner and this is such an exciting thing to witness and take part in.

The Climate

The weather in Las Vegas is much more varied than most realize, and we think you will love it. We can't tell you how many times we have heard someone make a comment about how hot they think Vegas is in winter. That is way off! You really do get a seasonal chill in the air during winter, but most days in winter are still warm and sunny with cool nights - just the type we think are perfect for travelling. 

The dry desert really provides a crispness to the weather that tourists love. Now as far as the extreme heat in the summer, everywhere we have ever been people complain about the summer heat, and Vegas is no different. 

In addition, the sunsets and sunrises over the mountains with hues of blue and orange are to die for. 

The Nature off The Strip 

Just twenty minutes west of the Strip is Red Rock Canyon, which offers some great hiking among Joshua trees and cacti. Mt. Charleston is about 35 minutes northwest of the Strip and you can ski and enjoy other winter activities among the pines in Spring Mountains National Recreation Area there. 

A trip to either of these two places really opens your eyes to the wonders of the desert and offers such a unique perspective on Las Vegas. 

The Complimentary Cocktails

If it wasn't for this aspect, I am not sure budget-travelers would be able to go anywhere in Vegas. There is quite a swing in drink prices in Vegas. If you are playing a game of chance or milling around the area where the games are going on, you will 95% of the time drink for free. 

If you just walk up to a bar in a casino, you are paying outrageous club prices. So, obviously, the key is to take your time, enjoy your gambling at a casual pace and soak up the free drinks while tipping the waitress or waiter so they don't forget you.  

The Neon Lights and Casinos of the Strip 

Whether you are flying in, walking the strip, or on a rooftop bar, the lights of the strip are always exhilarating.  Like Times Square, Piccadilly Circus, Banff and other such "sensory overload" spots around the world, you have seen it so many times on television, just being there gives you a rush that can only be felt in person.  In fact, The Strip is often listed as one of the most Instagrammed places in the world

Sports Betting

Nevada is the only place in the U.S. where individual games can be legally wagered on. And for sports fans, this means they can relax on a leather chair, watch games with their friends while enjoying a cocktail. Yes, the Las Vegas sportsbook truly is the ultimate sports cave and we would argue closer to heaven on earth. 

Old School Vegas

Old School Vegas is more a feeling than a physical location like downtown which many assume is the only place where it is found. While some of the casinos on Fremont St. truly do give you that old school vibe, the folks zip lining overhead kind of squash it for us

Places like the Little Chapels of Love, The Flamingo, and of course the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign have it too. 

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