Tokyo, the ideal destination to greet 2017. Between street food, traditions and starred toast

Safe, very clean (“pika-pika” in Japanese), stimulating, innovative and now also a gourmet destination. Tokyo is the new capital of the primates. The city, which today appears as a (very orderly) open-air construction site with excavations, buildings under construction, cranes, trucks moving, and it will be until 23 July 2020, the day of the inauguration of the next Olympics (the XXXII °), in his “calm chaos” seduces the tourist. Its commitment and investments in the global and continuous improvement of services and livability, elect the absolute most awarded capital in several directions. Last “prize” the one that shines with Michelin stars. In 2017 Tokyo has indeed earned the top of the rankingwith hundreds of restaurants marked by the red guide, of which over 220 are rated from one to three stars, and for this reason has been named one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world for both local cuisine and international cuisine. Destination to consider to celebrate the New Year 2018 with brilliant toast.

The invitation to leave for the Rising Sun is even more valid for young people (especially minors) and those who travel alone (or alone) since the Japanese capital has been classified as the safest city in the world in the Economist world rankings . And in particular there is a figure that Tokyo can be proud of: that, according to a survey of global perception by the Thomson Reuters Foundation , which is the second most secure city in the world for women, after London. Certainly reassuring for the inhabitants of the capital but even more so for holiday tourists who can walk the city quietly even at night exploring the world of gastronomy until late.

Tokyo on the theme of food touches four directions: tradition, innovation, high level and street food. And among these four poles of taste, the Japanese metropolis constantly generates new styles and trends, reinventing traditional dishes by including them in the fast food market. Some examples? In this cold season, there are many recipes to warm up with Soup soup stock Tokyo is a chain spread all over Japan, born on the artificial island of Odaiba, in Tokyo Bay, which now has about thirty restaurants in Tokyo alone. Also the Narita airport sales point is very popular and frequented by foreign tourists arriving or leaving the city. A new concept in the world of fast food: the soup, without adding artificial flavors, offers a changing menu based on the seasons.

For lovers of Ramen (a typical dish of Japanese cuisine based on spaghetti or egg noodles served with meat or fish broth), which has become very fashionable in Italy, to be tried during the stay in Tokyo the restaurant Tsurutontan Also landed in the United States, specializing in udon, the variety of thicker and smoother noodles than ramen, prepared with durum wheat flour and without eggs. This tasty recipe is proposed here in almost 50 versions, some of which are revisited in an innovative way, such as the versions of udon with creamy sauces, much loved by the Japanese but not yet known in Italy.