Ruta Mariana: visit the 5 sanctuaries dedicated to the Madonna in Spain

The Ruta Mariana is a very ancient route, which starts from Spain and passes through Andorra to the foot of the Pyrenees. This ancient path embraces five monasteries , which were voted to the Virgin and which are considered among the most beautiful in Europe.

The route begins with the Sanctuary of Pilar, located in Zaragoza , which is one of the most historically important cities in Spain. Then we arrive at that of Torreciudad, moving later to the monastery of Meritxell, in the principality of Andorra, then we pass through the Sanctuary of Montserrat, until we arrive at Lourdes . 12 million people take part in this pilgrimage every year.

The Ruta Mariana is not a path suitable only for believers, as there are so many artistic and natural beauties to see. The landscapes that can be admired along this route are unique in the world. In fact, the Sanctuary of Montserrat is located in one of the most beautiful natural parks in the world.

In Spain there are many proposals for those who want to follow a path of faith, the most popular destination is the Camino de Santiago , among others that attract pilgrims is precisely the Ruta Mariana. To follow this itinerary you must not walk only on foot, but it is also possible to undertake the pilgrimage by train or bicycle, depending on your needs. Furthermore, the five sanctuaries must not necessarily be visited all on the same day.

The goal of the Ruta Mariana is to meet the Holy Virgin Mary, in fact in the Monastery of Pilar a beautiful column is preserved whose legend tells that it was left as a testimony by the Virgin herself when she appeared to comfort Saint James, who preached the Gospel on Ebro.

The Shrine of Andorra is also very interesting to visit, recently promoted by Pope Francis to the rank of Minor Basilica. The Sanctuary of Meritxell is one of the most visited places in Andorra, nestled in the beautiful natural landscape of the Pyrenees.

Traveling along the Ruta Mariana will be an unforgettable experience, we will visit the most important and significant places on the Iberian peninsula, having the opportunity to admire unique beauties in the world. The route is suitable for any type of person and no special precautions should be taken, just check the opening and closing times of the monasteries, if you want to visit them all in one day. The Ruta Mariana is a unique experience that profoundly marks the soul of those who walk along it.