Well where is the Macchu pitchu?

Finally, we enter the site, and our first vision is splendid: white! There is so much fog that you can not see anything! “But he is or Macchu Pichu? Ben, I think we’re in there actually …” We were taking refuge with a group of tourists in a small house while waiting for the clouds to dissipate and for the rain to fall. stopped. Finally it is, in fact it was really right in front of us. It’s worth it, even if it has been seen dozens of times in photo, the site is impressive. The city is surrounded by moist mountains plunged in the mist. The atmosphere is magical.

Tensions with American tourists

We join groups of tourists to listen to their guide, until Francois is released by an American. Apparently, you have to pay for the guide and as we have not paid, forbidden to listen to his. We are not among the communists here! We spend a little more time here before going back down. Coming downstairs, it’s still raining and we do not really want to redo the two hours of walking along the railway in the rain.


And shit a landslide!

So we catch the train that takes us to the hydro-electric station. From there, we take a direct minibus to Cuzco. Unfortunately, a path that comes in the opposite direction announces that there has been a crash on the road because of the rain and that the passage will not clear before the next morning. So we make a U-turn and the driver drops us in a small village.

Palm of the world’s craziest hotel?

We have a hotel that is in a good position to win the competition of the dirtiest of our trip.

The room is entirely made of tin, there are 2 beds with foul sheets stained everywhere, stinking and with some kind of crusts on it and some dead insects. I clean as best I can and I cover with my own sheet to feel clean. The bed is horribly soft, I sink inside the bed as the guy from the movie “trainspotting” in his carpet.

I approach what serves as bathroom in the hope of taking a shower and I recoil, I would do without. Sylvain disregards everything, takes a shower and sleeps like a baby in his disgusting bed as if nothing.

After a good night in the company of roaches, we take the bus. An hour of waiting to watch the bulldozers clear the road, and we can finally move on.


Back in Cuzco, we have the good surprise to see Nancy and Romain arrive in our hotel. After Santiago and Salta, this is the third time we meet by chance at several months apart! We go out to eat pizza with them. On the way back, we come across an unconscious Peruvian in the street. After a while, we begin to worry, it does not show signs of life. Roman approaches and the man finally regains consciousness.

In the evening, we spend a good evening in the reggae bar and then in a box with an Australian meeting at the hotel and a group of Chilean women on vacation here. Another day here and we take the bus to Lima.