Airbnb is about to offer its users a real virtual tour inside the apartments

Booking a stay in a room or apartment is a fundamental moment when planning a trip and Airbnb knows how comfortable the accommodation affects the success of your stay. For this, the platform is planning to introduce an important innovation in the process of choosing the location within its site: the one for which users will be able to view rentable apartments – but also restaurants and points of interest – through augmented reality, in way to make a real 3D tour inside them.

To announce the news was the same company through the owner blog . The three-dimensional scanning and the 360-degree photos and videos uploaded to the site for each offer and each location will allow users to virtually enter the apartments or places of interest and get a true idea of ​​what awaits them. Since 2016, Airbnb has shown a keen interest in the technology of VR and the fruits could be seen soon.

The platform, however, is convinced that the service will be useful even once tourists have arrived at their destination, especially if the trip is in a country whose language is unknown. “You can be stressful not understanding how to open a door or the hot water in the shower, or getting lost and not being able to communicate with anyone because you do not know the language of the place,” read the Airbnb blog. And here virtual reality would come into play, which provides precise information on the space in which it “navigates”.

“Augmented reality can also give life to what we have around us, tell the story of objects and connect travelers with their guests in a richer and more immersive way,” they then explain from American society. “Many argue that VR can isolate people even more, but we are building tools that have the opposite effect.”

There is a figure, however, that Airbnb does not provide: the release date of new features.